World Thai Boxing Association Rules and Etiquette

World Thai Boxing Association Rules and Etiquette


World Thai Boxing Association Rules and Etiquette:

  • Always address the instructor as Coach, Kru, Ajarn, Sir or Ma’am during class.
  • Wai to seniors and instructors first when you see them. Never Wai with something in your hands.
    When you wai, make sure your hands are at the center of your face. Any lower is disrespectful and the higher shows more respect. Wai towards the mat before entering or leaving the mat area.
  • Be on time for the class. Being late will result in push-ups.
  • Attend the class in proper uniform: school shirt, Muay Thai shorts, hand wraps, and armband.
  • Have your Student Notebook and a pen ready so you can track drills and goals etc.
  • If you are late or out of uniform, notify the instructor before entering the class.
  • You must always train with a shirt on.
  • Never step on the mat with your shoes on.
  • Remove ALL jewelry before entering the class. Keep your shoes, gym bags, personal belongings neatly stored.
  • To train in any class, you must do the warm up.
  • After using any academy equipment, you must put it back neatly where you got it.
  • Write your name on all your equipment and shirt tags.
  • If you have lost or found something, ask or tell the front desk about it.
  • When an instructor is teaching or talking you must be in attention and not talking.
  • If you must leave the training area for any reason like (water, bathroom etc.) you must ask the instructor.
  • Absolutely no inappropriate language allowed in the class. No inappropriate outbursts in class – even if injured.
  • Turn off your cell phone during class or set it to vibrate.

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