The day I could not walk

The day I could not walk 

This is a Thanksgiving letter to all of my students and family. As crazy as it sounds, this story is true and happened this Sunday (November 20, 2016).

This past weekend, Prof. Nathan, Coach Ruel, Coach Bobby and I attended a course to develop Muay Thai coaches according to the WTBA standards. It was a great weekend. Our coaches were doing great and really standing out many times from the crowd. The seminar host came to me a couple times saying “You have a great group. It is hard to find!”. Indeed it is. We actually didn’t find our team, we built it. I am very proud of my instructors and happy to receive a compliment from someone that I respect a lot.

On the second day as we were warming up doing squats, I felt something in my back. A shock that immediately made me lean against the wall and from that point forward it was hard for me to move. A lady saw it and immediately offered me a chair so I could sit, which I did but the pain became worse. Meanwhile, the others are looking and wondering. They came and ask and are surprised. At this moment, I just wanted to leave because it is caused me some embarrassment. Then, a masseuse offered me help. He came and started a very nice soft tissue massage that immediately removed the part of the pain. At this point, I am thinking: “Great! I might get back in there.”

After the massage was over he asked me to roll over and stay belly up in the massage bed. When I realized I could not move, the pain was horrible and the first thing came to my mind was “How am I going to make the moving this weekend at Sampa?”. So I asked Prof. Nathan to stand me up and get me out of there. I was so embarrassed. He opened the back door of my car and put the seats down and took me home. Every time he stepped on the breaks or made a curve – Oh my God!

Today, I feel a little better but maybe 50% good. When I was lying down I knew it was nothing too serious. But as the pain escalated I started wondering and it made me scared when considering not walking normally again or even not walking. It made me think about what I have, what I had accomplished and stepped on the brake for a second. I slowed down and take the time to be thankful and not just wish for more. Sometimes we need to be grateful for simple things like being able to walk.

And this is my message to all of my dear students and staff at Sampa. Let’s truly be grateful this Thursday and every day of our lives and celebrate the abundance we live in and live by especially in this country. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for having you at Sampa Academy. For the trust you put on my staff and in me when we make mistakes but you know we were trying our best. I thank you for the trust and the belief in the culture of the school even when I am out in another country not just teaching but seeking for more knowledge and improvements as a martial artist.

Consequently, I bring this to my staff, coaches and students making Sampa not only a gym but an institute of self-improvement. A place where people come to improve themselves using the tools we offer, martial arts and fitness training with a martial arts mentality. By making one person better, we can better the person’s family and concomitantly, we will better our community. “Hard work, Honesty and Respect.”

I would like to finish this with our student creed: “I will always do my best with the conditions that I have and when I have better conditions I will do even better”.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to come to our annual Turkey roll this Thursday at 9:00 am – open to all ages.

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