Muay Thai Training Now at Sampa Jiu-Jitsu School

Muay Thai Training Now at Sampa Jiu-Jitsu School


Uplifting news! Sampa Jiu-Jitsu School is now a member of the World Thai Boxing Association. Sampa is now offering Muay Thai to their students under the World Thai Boxing Association.

From now on, we’ll follow their curriculum, rules and their requirements for the Muay Thai Test. It is great to follow the curriculum and their philosophy on this traditional Muay Thai training. We will follow their programs, techniques, and culture which are fundamentally very similar to Sampa Jiu Jitsu’s culture. Now, students of Sampa Jiu-Jitsu have a possibility to have a rank and get tested in Muay Thai. The World Thai Boxing Association is the greatest association with great respect for the athlete and instructors. We just made our first testing in the Sampa with our students. Before, no one knew about the Thai Boxing program. The students were excited with the idea of moving up in rank and being able to get feedback from the instructor and the association.


We’re very excited to announce that every month from now on every student will be tested. We’ll test those who are at least ready to take part in the Muay Thai test. Also, look for World Thai Boxing Association founder who is Ajarn Chai. He’s also the president of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. Ajarn Surachai Sirisute, normally recognized as “Chai Sirisute” or “Ajarn Chai”. He is a Martial Arts Instructor and responsible for introducing Muay Thai to the United States. Since then, he has traveled the world while continually updating his information. Ajarn Chai is also working with various coaches, camps, and champion fighters. He founded the Thai Boxing Association of the USA in 1968. He has expanded it to more than 18 countries around the world.

Chai Sirisute maintains a busy seminar schedule traveling around the world teaching Muay Thai. He studied both Muay Thai as well as Karate and win a black belt in Shorin-Ryu at the age of 12, an age at which he also started to fight in the ring in Muay Thai. Ajarn Chai fought over 72 fights in Muay Thai. Ajarn Chai fought over 72 fights in Muay Thai. The use of armbands as rank is something very new in Muay Thai, but it’s also a target of many criticism. But who can denies a great way to keep students motivated and on track of their Muay Thai studies without quitting? We believe many other schools will eventually follow any ranking systems by adding to their program.


A great school is a school that form black belts or instructors or life time practitioners. Lastly, a great school of any martial arts is a school that is constantly innovating and thinking on how to keep their students motivated and progressing. For Muay Thai training please call Sampa @ 626-335-4971 (Glendora) or 626-977-1050 (Walnut).

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